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1994 Ford Mustang gt
0 Day(s), 11:6:3 Remains
2005 Audi S4 4 Dr New quattro ...
0 Day(s), 11:14:20 Remains
2005 Mini Cooper
0 Day(s), 11:18:18 Remains
2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
0 Day(s), 11:26:24 Remains
2004 Chevrolet Venture
0 Day(s), 11:52:13 Remains
2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
0 Day(s), 12:4:0 Remains
2000 Honda Accord
0 Day(s), 12:11:53 Remains
2000 Volvo S80 Fully Loaded
0 Day(s), 12:13:39 Remains
2006 Saab 9-7x 9-7X!!! DVD!!!
0 Day(s), 12:14:19 Remains
2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Touri...
0 Day(s), 12:15:34 Remains
2004 BMW 5 Series 530i
0 Day(s), 12:17:59 Remains
2004 Ford Mustang
0 Day(s), 12:19:1 Remains

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How to Buy a Car Like a Dealer

Most people buy a car from a dealer, paying for a markup in return for various services. Dealers act as middlemen between the consumer and wholesale distributors. Many wholesale distributors sell vehicles in dealer-only auctions for prices far lower than the general public can find at any location. In this wikiHow we'll look at the basic steps to take in order to purchase a car at or near wholesale cost.

  1. A dealer-only auction requires a car dealer license in all 50 states and is the main way dealerships rotate excess inventory. Unlike public auctions dealer-only auctions tend to offer close to new cars, new cars, recent trade-ins or just off-lease vehicles. In addition, many vehicles are detailed, have existing warranties and are carefully rated as to condition. Public car auctions are open to anybody, including savvy dealers, so the prices may not be as low as the hype suggests. www.Repokar.com is one of the largest online Public auto auctions in the industry. Online Auto Auctions are more efficient and far-reaching than conventional auctions, online auctions are strongly embraced by mainstream consumers these days -- hey, who doesn't want to buy a car from the comfort of their own home? What makes Repokar.com a right choice for a car buyer? We work exactly like a dealer auction. In our inventory you can find off lease cars, rental cars, bank owned cars, government cars, fleet lease cars at wholesale cost. Also we require all of our participating sellers to disclose the vehicle condition, and we suggest our seller to allow the buyer to have a post sale vehicle inspection.

  2. Decide which car you want, the options you need, and the condition for which you are willing to settle. Be as flexible as you can as you will be buying at auction.

  3. Use an independent source to determine the wholesale and retail values of your target vehicle. The most frequently used sources for this are, DriverSide, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, Classic Car Trader and Nadaguides. Nadaguides is owned by the Automobile Dealers Associations so their pricing is always most favorable to the dealer - not the consumer.

  4. Settle on a budget. Do not forget that your final price will include taxes, registration and other fees. Also consider ongoing costs - sites like DriverSide will help you estimate cost of ownership.

  5. Make any necessary financial arrangements. Each auto auction will have its own terms; verify these in advance make sure that you have the correct payment options available if you win the car. www.Repokar.com will help you find the right auto financing >>> click here

Good luck with your next car Purchase!